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Hi, I'm Golden! Your friendly neigborhood CS major. I spend most of my free time building Node.JS applications and playing games with friends! I have 4 years of experience in Node.JS, TypeScript, and Python. I am currently learning Ruby, Lua and HTML.

If you enjoy any of my projects or just want to support me, check out my buy me a coffee page and consider donating!


Name Status URL
Slope Game Online
Holy Unblocker Online *
Tetris Online

- * If blocked try our alternate URL - * I am aware of issues for many districts having blocked this, I will be adding an additional proxy soon.

Live status monitor

Looking for a back-end developer?

I offer a wide range of services, from cloud hosting to Discord & Slack bots! Check it all out on my comissions post! I am currently open for all types of project comissions! Contact me at or add me on discord @Golden!!#8008 for more information.

Rates start at just $12/hr!


Some of my most notable clients serve upwards of 200k+ users! Interested in hiring me? Check out the "Contact me" section at the bottom of this page!
*list does not include every client due to privacy agreements

Robloxian Adventures - 200,000+ Users

Exo Development - 40,000+ Users

20+ Private Clients - 125,000+ Users


Date Version Comment
Aug 3, 2021 v1.12 Initial site release
Dec 12, 2021 v2.64 Final release of v2 site
Feb 9, 2022 v1.00 Slope-Game clone release
Jan 14, 2023 v3.1 First look at v3 site